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Deck Design and Construction Services in Spencer, IN

Ninja Construction can help you create your perfect outdoor living space with a brand new deck. When thinking about your dream backyard, a deck is a perfect place to start. Our team can construct your dream deck for your home in Spencer, IN. We also create custom decks for businesses and commercial buildings. Your deck can be custom built to your specifications and with your budget in mind. Our experienced team of deck contractors will work with you to create the perfect outdoor living space. Decks are perfect for entertaining on the weekends or unwinding after a long day. We’ll ensure your deck matches the aesthetics of your house and is easy to maintain for year-round use. You can count on our deck ninjas to build you a high-quality deck at an affordable price.


Your Outdoor Deck Options

Just as every home is unique, every deck can be custom made to your specifications and preferences. If your home didn’t come with a deck or you’re ready to have the old one torn out and start over, we’re here for you. Decks can be made from many materials, including pressure-treated wood, redwood and cedar, hardwood, composites, and vinyl or PVC. When you hire the team at Ninja Construction, you can rest easy knowing your deck will be designed ahead of time and perfectly executed. We communicate with you during the job, so there’s no mystery surrounding our ninjas.

Covered Decks

Pergolas and fully-finished roofs can protect you from the weather and create additional privacy.

Deck Accessories

Add windows or screened walls to keep the insects out. Opt for a fireplace to keep warm or an open sun deck. You can also add LED lighting, a TV, and a ceiling fan.

Built-In Benches & Bars

You won’t need to buy additional chairs, and a built-in bar is perfect for entertaining.

Built-In Pool or Spa

Whether you want to add a hot tub or swim spa to the center of your deck, we can do it. You could even add a full-sized pool if your deck is large enough and a bar and kitchen area, so drinks and snacks are at your fingertips.

Get Your Dream Deck Today

Don’t let your home remodeling project overwhelm you. There’s no project too big for the experienced team at Ninja Construction. We do it all, from outdoor decks to kitchen and bath remodels as well as roofing, flooring, and more. We’d be happy to discuss your decking options with you and give you a quote so you can have your dream deck as soon as possible.

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